Beauty & The Beast!

The lovely and super talented Miss Julia Pott has posted some wonderful pictures of herself with Mr Fish Boy over at Pop Apricot. It is heart warming to see him looking so content in his new home. Fish Boy is definitely eyeing up that doll, his glance appears to be returned too. Hmmmm, more hybrids about to be unleashed upon the world?!

Thanks so much to Julia for giving me the perfect excuse to feature some more of her super fantastic work!

**I am sorry that things have been so quiet here and elsewhere for a couple of days, I have been a little malade! One of those beginning of spring viruses I think. I am catching up with emails and my sewing work today. Don’t forget to join me here tomorrow for the Monday interview, you will be glad that you did; promise!**

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3 Responses to Beauty & The Beast!

  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well Lisa. Do take some extra vitamin C, echinacea and if they sell cold fx where you are that stuff is amazing. Oh and don’t forget the homemade chicken soup with rice , garlic, fresh lemon juice and a touch of coriander. If we were neighbors I would fix you up a pot and deliver it to your door step.
    I love your polar fish boy and I am having a great time with my imagination conjuring up what those hybrids might look like. They might need to join the circus.

  2. Cecilia Levy says:

    Mr Fish Boy looks like he’s in 7th heaven!
    Hope you’re feeling better, Lisa. Eat lots of oranges! I found lots of inspiration here as always.

  3. melissa says:

    get better soon, lovely lisa- so you can ejoy the start of spring! i love your inspiring pictures on here- they make me want to do a lot of shopping! 😉

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