Nights At The Circus

Stagger back in amazement! I actually managed to update my shop with some new creatures. I am running with a bit of a circus theme and jumping on the mustache bandwagon at the same time. In honour of my mini update I have gathered together some wonderful things with mustaches attached. Get out the wax and start twirling in a nefarious fashion! Circus Bear, at the top of the post, from The Good Machinery.


Catty Catty Owl Tamers by Me!

Mustache On A Stick from Something’s Hiding In Here.

Felix from Simpli Jessi.

Moustache Tea Cup and Saucer from Surya Sajnani

Weep with me for Jake the Sad Oneyed Lumberjack from Ninon.

Cedar Mustache Key Hook from Suddenly, its real!

Fis & Flo from Psarokokalo.

Ring from Isette

Heraldo from Pink Cheeks Studios.

Pint Glass from Bread and Badger.

Walrus Mustachioed Amigurumi from Melissa Sue.

Print from Ole Rattlesnake.

Ok, so he doesn’t have a mustache but he would probably do quite well in the circus. Velvet Fish Boy makes his debut in the Lou Lou & Oscar shop today. I am really happy with the switch to this new fabric, velvet seems to suit Fish Boy’s temperament and he is so lovely to stroke now! I have some new Fish Boy designs waiting to hit the scissors, very exciting, for me at least. Please don’t forget to join me here tomorrow for the Monday Interview. Good night kittens.

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10 Responses to Nights At The Circus

  1. karuski says:

    Oh, I love your new creations. Even though mustache is not my thing it apparently is some sort of trend right now 😉 I’m sure velvet suit for fish boy is just a perfect choice!


  2. maria says:

    great! mustache theme!!really love this one 🙂 Walrus Mustachioed Amigurumi from Melissa Sue, thanks for adding fis and flo!
    xxxx maria

  3. I love your new goodies! and the circus theme!
    Your picks are always so sweet, I love those ‘sketchbook stories’ from the good machinery so much.

  4. Emily says:

    A man cycled past me yesterday wearing a knitted balaclava complete with knitted moustache! It is times like that I wish I could pause time to take a picture!

  5. Mulot says:

    So funny – your pictures are really good !! I m so pleased to discovered your blog ! – Lovely ! =^^=

  6. kirsty says:

    what a fab collection of mustachiod delights! loving your creations ;0

  7. you started and ended with the absolute best. I love velvet polar fish boy so so much.

  8. Rane says:

    Hehehe! Love all the staches! What talented and fun artists!
    Great job all! LOVE IT!!

  9. melissa sue says:

    your blog is fantastic 🙂 thanks for featuring some of my stuff, and all the rest of the wonderful content! xoxox

  10. jessica says:

    i needed this little bit to make me smile…

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