Roll Up, Roll Up, All New.

At last a new look for the LL&O blog, I do hope you like it? Adam worked really hard to get it all spick and span for today and the opening of The Spider & The Fly, more of which later. I hope to be here a little more often and share more of myself with you. Of course life gallops along at such a pace that it is often hard to record, synthesize and think things through. For now I am treating you to the striking image above. Regular readers will recognize the beautiful bone harness designed and created by Diane of Pagan Poetry, arresting indeed. You can read behind the image here.

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6 Responses to Roll Up, Roll Up, All New.

  1. I love the new look, Lisa & Adam ! Funny that it happens to be the same day Nicole changed hers !
    I also notice that we all get new places (including Diane) and that they’re all white and grey …
    Talk about connections !!!

    Δ Δ Δ

  2. it looks gorgeous lisa

  3. Christelle says:

    It’s really beautiful.
    I love your changement 😉 a great help for a great result 🙂
    Changement is in the air…

    Big hug Lisa

  4. Sue May says:

    your blog looks fantastic, congrats!


  5. diane says:

    This is really beautiful! clear and luminous! really great work!
    Thank you so much for featuring my harness and the beautiful photo of Pauline!

  6. So beautiful Lisa! I love the elegant look and new Lou Lou & Oscar. So funny, great minds… xo!

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