Julia Pott: Howard

I know I am woefully behind the times but I couldn’t let a new short film by Julia Pott pass me by without a huge yelp of joy. Howard is Julia’s first year film from the Royal College of Art and it is magnificent, beautifully observed, gorgeous to look at, full of poetic detail, oh that roar of delight at the height of the swing! Haven’t we all felt some of the bear’s longing as a once fulfilling relationship turns stale? Watch, if you haven’t already.

Click the screen to view large.

I know the blog looks a mess, my links need updating and so they will remain until we have a chance to overhaul everything. I am still here but a little ghostly until the bean goes to nursery at the end of August. My inbox is a fright, I am hoping to send some ‘I haven’t forgotten you’ emails next week when my Dad arrives for his first visit and mega grandson sitting!

I want this wall paper from Fine Little Shop so badly! And, my friend Mathyld has a new identity,Under the Pyramids, pop over and say hello.

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3 Responses to Julia Pott: Howard

  1. Christelle says:

    Lovely discover 😉
    …as usual…
    many thanks sweetie 🙂


  2. Wow ! Amazing amazing !
    Love the film, the wallpaper ! And seeing my new name here make me squeal with delight & (I shouldn’t say this) get all teary !

    I miss you !
    x x x

  3. diane says:

    This is so poetic! Lovely and amazing!
    Like Mathyld, I miss you!

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