Interview: Lilla Lotta

I am sure that many of you will recognize those delightful teapots and cups above, as we are joined today by the wonderful Anna of Lilla Lotta. Anna has such a strong and instantly recognizable style, fresh, crisp and homely, inspiring thoughts of cinnamon buns, the smell of freshly baked bread, percolating coffee and cut grass in a spring meadow. Oh yum! In addition to running her amazingly successful Etsy shop Anna is also a mother to five beautiful children, I am in awe of her creativity and feel sure that Anna must get very little sleep indeed! Let us grab a cup of tea and settle down comfortably to meet Anna.

Tell us a little about yourself, the media you work with and your creative process.

“I am Anna. Mum to five young children. Living under the big blue sky in the South of France. Originally Swedish/Dutch, I have lived in 6 different countries in the last 20 years and am still not feeling quite ‘at home’ where I am at. I suppose I am a bit of a wanderer, slightly lost in the wrong era.”


“I am a bit of a fiddler and have a creativity compulsive disorder. A day without creativity, just does not seem like a proper day. I won’t call myself an artist, to me that would imply that I “studied” it at a grand school, in a specific class. And truth is, I have never taken a class in art or any other creative process. I suppose that is why the title “fiddler” suits me better.”

“I have never found a medium that takes my fancy the most. I flitter about, from one thing to another, like a flutter-by. One day I simply must paint in water colour and the next I feel the need to do lettering. Lately however I have been completely inspired by fabrics. I am working on a selection of Lilla Lotta fabric designs, which hopefully will be finished by the end of the year. Needless to say I have very little free time and do without sleep often. Who needs sleep anyways? *smiles* ”


From where do you draw your inspiration: music, books, people, nature etc?

“Inspiration is one of those things that can be found in every day living. It might be loud laughter and a smile that comes unexpectedly. Or those moments where little arms give such big hugs, incredibly warm and loving. It is like sparkle. Magic dust. The only reason you need to wake up in the morning and have a head filled with ideas. Things waiting to be created.”


” My source of inspiration is being the woman who runs around like a headless chicken most of the time and takes care of a large family with lots of little feet. Almost like living double the life and feeling doubly blessed.”


If you could talk briefly about the background to one of your pieces which would you choose and why?


“I would have to choose my recent creation of cotton tapes. By chance I made one to add to a 3D woolfelt house I was making as a Christmas gift and I needed a specific ribbon to go on the top of the roof. That is when it happened. How about making lots of different ones? A creative project where I could combine my love for illustrating with my love for fabrics. ”


“And it has been wonderful ever since! By the Autumn I will be able to finish a whole new selection of highly illustrated cotton tapes. I find myself feeling so blessed to be able to do what I love doing. Fiddling around and raising my family.”



You can find Anna in these places:

Lilla Lotta Etsy Shop

Thank you so much Anna for sharing a little of your life and creativity with us. I feel so inspired by your attitude to the world and the obvious joy you take in creating your handmade goodness.

As I was putting this interview together this morning I began to read Anna’s blog, duh, I hadn’t come across it before, and laughed out loud at this post: 40 Facts About My Summer. I could relate to so many of Anna’s ‘facts’, I am sure you can too!

40 Facts About My Summer

1. The weather in the South of France is hot. I mean it is really hot.
2. Being a mother to five kidlets is exhausting. Especially during the Summer.
3. I am drawing and painting every spare minute in front of a fan.
4. New banners for my blog and shop in the making. Everything will be brandnew and fresh in the coming Autumn.
5. Lots of highly decorative cotton tapes being made for the new season.
6. Only 7 days before my mother arrives.
7. Husbands work throughout the Summer.
8. I work throughout the Summer.
9. My head is exploding with ideas.
10. I have no real appetite during the Summer months.
11. Thai food does not agree with me and is returned within an hour.
12. I am already thinking about Christmas.
13. I am tired all the time.
14. There is absolutely nothing on the telly (and I am not even a big telly fan).
15. Bed linen is changed more often during the Summer.
16. My washing machine broke down about two weeks ago.
17. My children only want to eat ice pops.
18. Home made cake does not taste as good as it does in the winter.
19. I am still in love with my hot chocolate.
20. I am going through hand soap like there is no tomorrow.
21. My hoover is used about 4 times a day.
22. Paddling pools for little children are great!
23. Long trips in a car are not recommended.
24. I worry about the new school year and my children.
25. I still have not learnt any French.
26. I am totally behind with all my emails and visiting my favourite places online.
27. I spent very very very little time behind the computer. And if I do, I have to wrestle someone off first.
28. Sitting in the garden in the evening is like recharging your batteries.
29. France has some freaky insects.
30. I am not even mentioning the snakes and the lizards.
31. I don’t sleep during the Summer, I just pass out.
32. I am still totally lost.
33. I love being productive and being able to run my shop. It has saved my life.
34. I am grateful for meeting new friends. It means a lot.
35. Husbands are grumpier when it is hot outside.
36. My to do lists are taking on monstrous proportions.
37. I have to remind myself to drink less coffee, and more water all the time. It makes me really ill.
38. For some reason I have started biting my nails again.
39. I am doing my best.
40. I am a rubbish blogger.

He, he, he, excellent!

Thanks so much again Anna.

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14 Responses to Interview: Lilla Lotta

  1. I love Anna
    so I just order one of her bags for my holidays

  2. karuski says:

    I really enjoyed reading her story. And how beautiful illustrations she draws: tea cups, pots, muffins and those little birdies are just adorable!

  3. Sonia says:

    Oh Lisa, thanks so much for intreviewing Anna ! She is one of my very best friends, and I cherish our friendship so dearly. Anna is so talented & also multi-talented, she never ceases to amaze me ! Her illustrations are so awesome !
    Thanks for this fab interview, Lisa ! xoxo

  4. Fantastic interview lisa and anna. I adore those tapes and printed fabric. I too can relate to so many of her 40 summer things especially the ones related to no sleep.
    Off to visit her blog, flickr and shop.

  5. I am very impressed by this multi-talented mum of five and fell in love with her tea-oriented items a while ago πŸ™‚
    It was so nice to read more about her !

    x x x

    PS : And I am so proud to know that one of my owlettes now lives with her !

  6. Stefanie says:

    Such wonderful work and such a fun interview!

  7. Kajsa says:

    Lovely, lovely to read about Anna! I can so relate to many things she talks about! And she reminds me of my mum (who is one of my best friends), mother of four and creative fiddler πŸ™‚

  8. Rodi says:

    Oh, what a lovely interview! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations with as, Anna!

  9. Eva says:

    Thanks for this lovely interview!! She’s a wonderful woman!!

  10. Jacqueline says:

    Lisa, you have a really nice blog here! Love it! And i LOVE this interview with Anna…she is really a very talented artist and one of my favorite! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  11. Phyllis says:

    Well how in the world does she do all of this??? I loved her list of 40 facts about summer. Now here is a woman who is living with truth, awareness, art, sacrifice, love, beauty, and chaos. I think she is pretty amazing! Thank you for the introduction to such an inspiring Anna. Lisa, you find so many things to give us hope and excitement.

  12. monique says:

    Anna is one of the sweetest, talented person i have met. Thank you so much sharing for this wonderful interview !

  13. WOW! What a wonderful blog and what a wonderful post! I love Anna’s work. She is such an amazing artist… oops… i mean, fiddler!!!! ;o) Hugs from Vancouver, BC Canada. Laurraine

  14. Mumpelpetty says:

    Thank you for great post!

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